Restoring Relationships after the Election

November 11, 2016

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I was attending a diversity training retreat in Las Vegas when we received word that the jury had made a decision in the O.J. Simpson case. Some of you will remember the trial that had dominated the daily news for months. My fellow diversity consultants and I, along with the rest of the nation, sat riveted to the television screen. We held our collective breaths as the verdict was read: “Not guilty.” We sat in shocked silence.

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Global Executive Presence

September 7, 2016

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Global Executive Presence is your personal calling card, your branding statement, the sum of who you are and what you bring to each interaction. People make decisions every day based on their perception of your attitude, your style and substance. In today’s diverse marketplace, that means having the ability to connect and communicate with people who often see the world differently than you do.

Ready to see how you rate in Global Executive Presence?

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7 Ways to Develop Your Intuitive Listening Skills

October 28, 2013


Intuitive Listening

Mindful communication begins with active listening. But often it’s the unsaid that provides the most critical link to mutual understanding.

Intuitive listening means the ability to read between the lines, to pick up on the unspoken clues that hint at a larger story behind the words. By practicing the skill of intuitive listening, leaders can make better decisions, build stronger relationships and resolve problems more quickly.

Here are 7 ways to develop your own intuitive listening skills for positive results:

1) Remove or minimize distractions.

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