Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation: Cracking Hidden Cultural Codes

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Have you ever found yourself “lost in translation” when speaking across cultures?

“Hi! How are you?”  Translation: Greetings

Recently, a German friend posted: “What Germans probably confuse the most is that ‘How are you?’ really just means ‘Hello’ in the U.S. and doesn’t actually mean the person is interested in how you are doing.” 

Her statement reminded me of the time I passed a Middle Eastern student in the hall and said, “Hi!

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Leadership Communication: When You Have a Failure to Communicate

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Failure to communicate happens in leadership communication.

Ever had one of those days filled with miscommunications and misunderstandings? How about over several weeks, even years, with one particular individual? Maybe even one who matters most to you – a business colleague, your boss, someone with whom you had hoped to grow old?

Withdraw to Move Forward.

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes we have to admit our inability to make headway.

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Restoring Relationships after the Election

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I was attending a diversity training retreat in Las Vegas when we received word that the jury had made a decision in the O.J. Simpson case. Some of you will remember the trial that had dominated the daily news for months. My fellow diversity consultants and I, along with the rest of the nation, sat riveted to the television screen. We held our collective breaths as the verdict was read: “Not guilty.” We sat in shocked silence.

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