45 minutes – 1 hour

About Keynotes

Let Nancy help you set the tone for your next successful meeting with entertaining and thought-provoking keynote presentations. Her programs are thoroughly researched and customized to reach your specific objectives. Your audience will be inspired to adopt new attitudes and take action to achieve higher levels of performance and satisfaction.


1 – 2 hours

About Sessions

In Nancy’s longer sessions, audience participants have the opportunity to ask questions, practice new skills, and take their learning to the next level. Combine these sessions with a keynote, use as an introduction to longer training programs or as stand-alone presentations.


Half-day, Full-day, or Multi-day Formats

About Workshops

Training, or workshop, formats allow for a comprehensive, systematic approach for an in-depth exploration of the program topics. The workshops are carefully linked to your critical business objectives to ensure your outcomes are met. They are non-threatening, inclusive and respectful of all audience members.

Participants receive specific, practical skills and strategies for creating work environments where everyone feels valued and able to make a contribution to the success of the organization. Through self-assessments, interactive exercises, case studies and practice sessions, participants gain real-world information which they can apply immediately to everyday workplace situations.


Varies Depending on Needs

About Retreats

When your goal is to create a new vision for your organization, you need an experienced facilitator to coordinate your retreat. Nancy will help you plan and organize the day’s format, lead participants through exercises to uncover obstacles and opportunities, and synthesize the results.


2 Hour – Half-day Sessions

About Coaching

Are you in transition, feeling stuck or lacking the skills to communicate your professional best? Imagine the leaps you could make in your success with your own personal coach to help you focus, strategize and actualize your potential. Nancy works with global executives, aspiring leaders and sales and service professionals in one-on-one and team formats to help you achieve the results you need.

Business runs on relationships.

The ability to act professionally in the board room as well as a dining room, to feel comfortable in formal and informal situations, and to make people feel valued in your presence, all require a working knowledge of manners, protocol and solid communication skills.

A work environment with a respectful attitude toward people impacts the bottom line by enhancing customer relations, keeping good employees, boosting morale and enhancing the organization’s image. Communication and social skills are success skills!

  • Manners That Mean Business
  • Business Etiquette Essentials
  • Creating a Professional Image: How to Distinguish Yourself as a Pro!
  • Personal Marketing Skills for Business Success
  • Executive Presence: Poise, Polish and Professionalism
  • Dining for Dollar$: Navigating the Business Meal with Confidence & Style
  • Communicate at Your Professional Best
  • International Etiquette for World-class Professionals

Knowing what to say and how to say it helps you get the results you want.

Whether your goal is to improve your working relationships, speak up more in staff meetings, influence others, give a speech to a board of directors or present to an international audience, discover how to organize and present your ideas so that others will listen and take action.

Public Speaking

Speak with Confidence! How to Overcome the Fear of Speaking
Speak to Inform, Inspire & Influence: How to Plan, Prepare and -Present a Speech
Speak Worldwide: How to Speak to International or Diverse Audiences

Interpersonal Skills

Leadership Communication Skills
Everyday Communication Essentials
Communicate Across Cultures

Taking the Foreign out of International

Do you:

work with people of diverse cultural backgrounds at home or abroad?
sell or provide services to customers worldwide?
travel internationally?

Building relationships at home and abroad takes time, patience and cultural savvy. Business professionals who demonstrate the ability to accept and adapt to differences in customs, communication styles and business practices have a competitive edge over those who do not.

Diversity-Related and Global Topics:

Thriving with Diversity
Working with Americans
Communicating Across Cultures
Selling Across Cultures
International Etiquette
Hosting International Clients and Visitors
Work Worldwide: International Career Strategies for the Adventurous Job Seeker
Travel Writing for Fun or Profit: Write Your Way Around the World

1. Measurable Results

Nancy’s programs produce positive, measurable results. She provides specific, practical strategies for transferring new attitudes, behaviors and skills back on the job for long-term impact.

2. Client Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction with the program results is Nancy’s top priority. She plans to exceed your expectations and does what it takes to ensure your satisfaction.

3. Passion

Nancy believes that building mutually respectful relationships is the right thing to do and makes good business sense. She is committed to sharing her conviction that when employees and customers are valued and respected for the diversity they bring, individuals flourish and organizations thrive.

4. Expertise

As a communication skills specialist, Nancy brings an in-depth knowledge to each of her programs. She is an outstanding professional speaker, program designer and training consultant. Nancy’s background in sales, customer service and leadership enables her to make the necessary link between training and your critical business needs. She knows how to get her message across to skeptics and believers and handles tough situations with diplomacy and skill.

5. Commitment to Quality and Excellence

Nancy attends to all details of her programs, from design to delivery, with care and consideration to ensure a great program.

6. Easy To Do Business With

When you hire Nancy, you can relax. She appreciates the value of your time and makes the time you spend together as productive as possible. Nancy keeps you informed regularly and takes the guesswork out of your program planning and preparations.

7. Customized Presentations

By conducting a thorough preliminary needs assessment, Nancy ensures that you receive a presentation that meets your specific needs. She researches material for her programs extensively through pre-program questionnaires and individual interviews.

8. High-Content, High-Energy Presentations

The expectations of today’s audiences are higher than ever before. They want to learn new information that can be applied immediately to business situations and they want to be entertained while learning it. Nancy’s programs are substantive and delivered dynamically resulting in a higher level of knowledge and skills retention.

9. Superb Follow-Up & Follow Through

When Nancy has finished presenting her program, she won’t disappear. She remains available and accessible and will contact you to validate the on-going results of her presentation and its overall impact on your personnel and organization.

10. Warm, Engaging Delivery Style

Nancy connects quickly and easily in the hearts and minds of her audiences. She stimulates thought and inspires trust. Nancy is approachable and treats serious topics with a firm, but gentle, touch.

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    "Your ability to blend basic etiquette concepts with the nuances of the contemporary business relationship resulted in a powerful and timely presentation. It was definitely a good use of our time and Sparling’s resources."
    -Kendra L. Fuller, SPHR
    Director of HR
    S P A R L I N G
    "Nancy’s presentation about “Executive Presence & Professionalism” certainly sparked a lively debate among all of those in attendance at the Ascend training seminar. For someone who was originally born and raised in foreign countries, I had a lot of take-aways."
    -Leo Fung
    Ascend – Seattle Chapter
    "Your luncheon presentation, ‘Navigating the Business Lunch,’ was a big hit and very well done. I liked the way you combined all the hints and tips with humorous stories and disasters."
    -Jennifer Youngquist
    Washington Bankers Association
    HR Committee