Sávar Luxury Traveller Set: Review


Savar Luxury Traveller Set

For all the fun of frequent travels, wanderboomers know that stale cabin air and stuffy hotel rooms take a toll on your skin. Add a dose of wintry weather, and your once soft, silky skin is bound to become super dry, resulting in itching and flaking. Not a pleasant picture, is it?

The solution, of course, is to hydrate: drink plenty of water, spritz water on our faces, and avoid long soaks in the bathtub.

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Au Revoir, 2013!


Memories of 2013 may be fading fast, but before we leap too far into 2014, here are a few snapshots of  the roads I’ve wandered over the past year  . . .

Le Baluchon

In 2013 I re-discovered the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with trips to the San Juans, Whidbey Island, Idaho,
The Dalles and Seaside, Oregon, thanks to my sponsored travel hosts .

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Québec Road Trips: The Ultimate Autumn Getaway


Québec Road Trips

Add Québec road trips to your travel list for the ultimate Autumn getaway. Luckily, my trip coincided with the peak of Fall’s fiery foliage.

Québec Road Trips

On a spa-hopping mission through Mauricie and Lanaudière outside Montreal (somebody had to do it), I reveled in the journey, inhaling the Fall fragrance, French language and culture of the region. With a happy heart, I took to the open road, absorbed by the beauty of Fall’s vibrant splashes of red, purple and gold.

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