Take-Two at Termas Papallacta

Posted by nancymueller
Posted on July 28, 2011
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Everywhere I look at Termas Papallacta I find an invitation to explore, discover, dream . . . The spiral staircase leads where, I wonder. And this one?

What about this tunnelled walkway?

Or here?

Where will this take me?

Each whispers its own words of Welcome. Come in. Relax. Even when the doors or gates are closed . . .

Even here,

how can you not want to see what lies on the other side? Perhaps this is the second test of our resolve to enter here, to be worthy of the delight that lies on the other side:

Do you dare to open the unopened door, Wanderboomers?

(In case you missed the first challenge, take one giant step back and revisit the first post of my visit to this beautiful health spa and resort.)


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6 responses to “Take-Two at Termas Papallacta”

  1. AAnnie says:

    Absolutely stunning photos. The doors are amazing! It makes you relax just looking at these pictures. Thanks!

    • Nancy Mueller says:

      And just wait ’til I tell you more about that chocolate body wrap in my next post, Annie ~

  2. I love your site, only it makes me yearn for the places you describe. I have a thing about doors, doorways, gates, so this series was especially pleasing.

    • Nancy Mueller says:

      Thanks, Rossandra! I hope you take the chance to act on your travel yearnings soon. This would be a great place to start :-) ~

  3. Nancy MacMillan says:

    Nancy – Your shots are enchanting. I love photographing doors for that same reason . . . what’s on the other side? I relished the peace I felt on this little trip away from reality. Lovely!

    • Nancy Mueller says:

      Thanks, Nancy! I’m so glad you enjoyed my photos. It’s nice to meet a kindred spirit when it comes to photographing doors ~

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